Sunday Setlists: March 8th

This post will be part of Fred McKinnon’s blog carnival called Sunday Setlists.  Worship leaders from all over are sharing about what’s happening in their services.

This is a little late for this week, but here we go.  I actually led for our Saturday evening service and 2 of the Sunday morning services.  Each service there was one other person leading with me.  I love co-leading.  This weekend was a great weekend because we stepped out and tried some new things.  We incorporated Communion and a video element into the set.   We got to I Could Sing of Your Love Forever during 11 am service, but not on Saturday night or the Sunday 9 am.  Basically, here is what it all looked like:

Hosanna – G (Paul Baloche)

For Who You Are – G (Marty Sampson)

Here is Love – G (I announced Communion, ask everyone to be seated while we passed Communion and sang Here is Love by Robert S. Lowry, William Edwards, and William Reese)

Communion Video (1:30 seconds) (Starting immediately after Here is Love)

Pastor Mike Led Communion and prayer

Amazing Love – E (Billy Foote)

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever – E (Martin Smith)

Our current sermon series is called WIN.  We are celebrating the WINS that we had last year as a church and talking about what will cause us to have WINS as we move forward.  This week’s sermon focused on maturity and service.


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