Sunday Setlist: March 15th

This post will be part of Fred McKinnon’s blog carnival called Sunday Setlists.  Worship leaders from all over are sharing about what’s happening in their services.

Actually, this weekend I led at our Saturday night service.  It was a good service even though our soundcheck was a little rough.  I had a great mix of younger (acoustic, electric, bass ) and more experienced (2 background vocalist, drums, synth, piano) musicians and singers.  This is a great way to break in kids from the youth church.  No one co-led w/ me this week so I was all by myself.  When we were making our setlist I didn’t realize till later that it turned into Chris Tomlin night.

Awesome is the Lord Most High – G (Chris Tomlin Arr.)

Your Grace is Enough – G (Chris Tomlin Arr.)

Holy is the Lord – G (Chris Tomlin Arr.)

We Fall Down – E (Chris Tomlin Arr.)

With Just One Touch – E (Original from Mike Hughes our Worship Pastor)

Announcements (Verbal and Video), Offering 

Sermon – We are finishing up our WIN series.  This week we talked about missions.  We were encouraged to think globally and act locally.  Great weekend.


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  1. Steffanie Oltmans on

    I’ve had weeks like that without realizing it all songs in the set end up being from one writer or artist. Tomlin has some good stuff.

    • joshlange on

      Thanks, I am usually pretty aware of stuff like that, but your right he has great songs.

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