things_20090119122705-thumbOrganize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things combines powerful features with simplicity. Together with a beautiful user interface, Things makes task management both easy and

Task management has never been easier. –

This has probably the best application I have ever downloaded.  At the beginning of this year I was looking for an application to help me organize my to-do’s, thoughts, and responsibilities.  Here are some of the reasons that I love Things:

1. It is set automatically to open when I start my computer, so there is no escaping it.

2. I can schedule to-do’s, tasks, or appointments.  Again, so there is no escaping it. 

3. Things helps me to prioritize.  I can organize my to-do’s into what needs to happen today and what needs to happen next.  I can schedule to-do’s or categorize them as a ‘someday’.  

4. I can connect people to to-do’s.  Whether I report to someone or they report to me I can connect specific to-do’s to the right people.  

5. I can create areas of responsibilities that have a regular set of to-do’s, this should help with being more thorough.


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