Sunday morning checklist

I came across this article by Paul Baloche at  It was an article that he wrote for Worship Musician Magazine.  He called it the Sunday Morning Checklist.  He was going to miss three Sunday’s in a row and he wanted to leave a checklist for the worship leaders who would be filling in for him.  This article is full of things that can help make a worship service great.  

I am working to develop worship leaders around me and sometime I get frustrated because they do things that make leading so much harder for them.  I want them to give their own unique expression, but there are certain things you can do every time you hit the stage that will help you lead people.  Here are some pointers from the article that I need to be better about communicating to other worship leaders.

  1. Begin with some kind of greeting.  Keep it conversational.
  2. Try to do mostly familiar songs with a maximum of one new song.
  3. Email set list and lyrics to the tech ahead of time.  
  4. Talk as much as you need to keep things flowing, but not so much that it distracts or hinders the momentum.
  5. Don’t walk immediately to the back room, which is visible to the congregation.  Try to avoid being elite.

Check out the rest of the article here.


2 comments so far

  1. Rob Martin on

    I don’t get what number 5 means lol

    • joshlange on

      Wow, didn’t know you were in the blogging world bro. Anyways, just walking off the stage or walking off and not coming right back isn’t always the best looking. It can give a vibe. It’s a bit hard because we have 2 services on Sunday so at times it’s unavoidable. Thanks for reading

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