Sunday Setlist: March 22

This post will be part of Fred McKinnon’s blog carnival called Sunday Setlists.  Worship leaders from all over are sharing about what’s happening in their services.

This weekend we wrapped up our WIN sermon series.  This series focused on the WINS we experienced as a church and the WINS we would need to accomplish to reach the vision that God has given us.  It was great to have both Pastor Servello Sr. and Jr. speaking.  

This weekend I led worship at the Saturday evening service and one of the the Sunday morning services.  I had lighter teams and in some ways this does provide some challenges, but we used what we had and I believe God was glorified and people were able to connect with Him.  It was also great to incorporate some of the musicians from the youth church in the band.  So here is what our worship set looked like this weekend.

Home – E     (Marty Sampson)

Most High – E     (Reuben Morgan) 

Better is One Day – E     (Matt Redman)

Here in Your Presence – C     (Jon Egan)

Still – C     (Reuben Morgan) Scheduled it but because of time I never made it to this song at either service


6 comments so far

  1. justin kirkendall on

    love here in your presence what a great song

  2. joshlange on

    Yeah, it does. We have been doing more and more from the Desperation Band. They have been writing a lot of great stuff

  3. Jen Kerr on

    It is awesome to get the youth in on “big church” as we call it. It can breathe life into the team, even though sometimes the skill level is frustrating. I suppose we all have to start somewhere. 🙂
    We did “Better is One Day” as well. Not new, but it still connects well!

    • joshlange on

      It can be stressful at times, but I enjoy working w/ them. They keep the service interesting in more ways than one. It seems like everyone was doing better is one day this week.

  4. Steffanie Oltmans on

    Love “Here in Your presence” great song! I also really like “Still” great song that not many churches do.

  5. joshlange on

    Here in Your presence has become a favorite and it seems like Still comes out @ just the right times for us. Beautiful song

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