What others are posting

I actually got this idea from Perry Noble’s blog.  On his blog, Perry, will list a few links that he thinks you should checkout today.  This is a great idea because:

1.  You can gain exposure to other blog’s you may not know about.

2. You can better know a person by seeing who they follow and regularly read.

3. You gain a bit of a filter of who you should follow or not follow.

So here are some blog post that I read this week:

Perry NobleFour Leadership Myths That Aren’t Usually Talked About–Part One Like the title says he is talking about Leadership myths.  #1 Anger is Ungodly. 

Sam Luce: Why I……Use Social Networks This was actually a guest blog by Michael Chanley  who has a heart and vision for what social media and networking can do for the future of kids ministry.  

Kem Meyer: 10 Things to fix on your website A great list of things that is not too complicated to fix on your website

Mark BattersonConstant Plussing Shares some of the practices that made Disney successful


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