Sunday Setlist: March 29

This post will be part of Fred McKinnon’s blog carnival called Sunday Setlists.  Worship leaders from all over are sharing about what’s happening in their services.

This week we started a 2 week mini-series called Famine Lessons.  We wanted to speak to what is going with the whole financial crisis.  We ventured beyond finances and also looked at the different types of famine we may experience in life.  The main idea was to communicate that as Christ-followers our path through difficult times should look different from those who are not walking with God.  

Overall things went well and it was very worshipful.  The congregation was very responsive.  Saturday night I was breaking in more of the youth into our weekend experience.  They did a great job.  Sunday morning went well besides messing up the intro to our 2nd song (my fault) and then a drum stick problem in our 4th song.  

So here is what this week looked like:

Not to Us – B (Chris Tomlin)

Blessed Be Your Name – B (Matt Redman)

The Stand – A (Joel Houston)

How Great is Our God – A (Chris Tomlin) Only during the Saturday night service

Still – C (Reuben Morgan) Did this last week, but it fit well with the message 


Special: Jesus Take the Wheel (Carrie Underwood)


4 comments so far

  1. matt on

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    • joshlange on

      Thank, I appreciate it

  2. Steffanie Oltmans on

    Still is worth repeating 🙂 Love the song.

    • joshlange on


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