Google Reader



One of my favorite online applications is Google Reader.  This is a great tool that helps me keep up on all of the blogs that I read.  This is the first and only reader I have ever used.  I am sure there are other great ones out there, but here are some of the reasons I use a Reader:

  1. One location: All of the blogs I read are in one place.  Not an endless list in my bookmarks bar. 
  2. Updates/Streamlined reading: Every time I log in there are new post ready for me to read.  On the home page there is a nice streamlined list of blogs that have posted new material.  The side toolbar keeps track of what blogs I have read and what blogs deserve some attention.  
  3. Recommendations: Based on the information in the blogs I follow and where I live the Google Reader suggest other blogs I may be interested in.

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