Post you may find interesting

Here are some post I think you will find inspiring, helpful, and at times amusing.  Enjoy!

The Thursday Blog: Great post by Funny Man Dan (FMD) called Stingy Seeds.  With great insight and humor FMD reminds every single young man of their job.  Their job is to make every single woman in their life feel special. 

Steven Furtick: This is actually a guest blog by Meredith Brock called That Can’t Happen.  Merideth tells us that, That can’t happen does happen. Inevitably.  Inconveniently.  In recurring patterns.”  She offers great ideas for what to do when THAT happens.

Mark Conner: This is a humorous post about the differences between what men and what women look for in a relationship.  Mark is so right, “you’ve gotta laugh.”

Steven Furtick: Write EVERYTHING down.  In this post we are encouraged to, “Record every creative impulse. Every possible vision initiative.  Every good idea.  Every bad idea.  Every “I need to check into that” situation.”   You may be asking yourself, why?  Pastor Steven says that, “recording your thoughts is to vision what a blueprint is to a building.”  It kind of makes you wonder about those seemingly random ideas we so quickly dismiss. 


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