Genius Playlists

This is a great new feature in iTunes.  This feature has been great for me a worship leader.  This may sound weird, but it has helped me build better setlists for worship experiences.  One of the things that I have been trying to achieve is consistency in the theme of our worship services and Genius Playlists has been great for this.  You may be thinking it can’t be that hard to find songs that center around a specific theme.  Well, it’s harder than you think when your are dealing with different keys and songs you may or may not be able to pull off.  Here are some reasons why I use Genius:

  1. It can create a playlist from the songs that I all ready own.  My iTunes has grown to the point where I can easily forget what is in there.  
  2. It can create a playlist of songs that I are found in the iTunes Store.  This has been great because I am getting exposed to new artists and new expressions of worship.
  3. It helps keep things fresh.  Many times what is easy and familiar can be very attractive especially when leading worship is only part of my job.  Whether it is a new or old song I am give a playlist with great ideas and options. 

Check out the Genius Playlist for yourself.


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