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Tony Morgan: 10 Easy Ways to Know You’re Not a Leader.  This is a bit older of a post, but it causes you to stop and think about whether or not you are a leader.  #8 would probably be the area at times my leadership is challenged. Kind of a tough article, but it’s dealing with reality.  The article ends with 2 questions that we all must think about: 1) At what age does your church begin approaching tough topics? 2) What do you think is the best way to teach tough topics to young students? 

Glenn Packiam: This statement stuck out to me, “So, why do we sing and dance? Not to coax God into acting. Not to make ourselvesfeel His presence. We sing and dance– and all the other physical activities– to make ourselves more present to God, to engage God with our whole being. In a sense, the focus of the worship is not on whether God is present, but whether we are.  Glenn encourages us to remember that God is always there.  

Stuff Christians Like: Judging people who use the table of contents in their Bible.  This guy rocks this should make you literally laugh out loud.


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