Burnt Popcorn pt. 1

Burnt Popcorn: And Other Things That Go Bump in the Night in Youth Ministry 

I have to give props to my friend Chico for this one.  Last week while I was taking some of the youth of our church to the Awakening Conference I was definitely entertaining people with my Twitter updates.  After one of the updates Chico replied and said one of my updates would be a great book title.  Now I’m not sure if I will use this as a book title, but it will definitely be an informative and humorous blog post.

Here is how the inspirational title came about.  I think it was the 2nd night of the conference.  I am sitting quietly in my room and I started to hear noise in the hall.  As I left my room I found my students in the hall and a strange smell in the air.  It was Burnt Popcorn.  It just wasn’t the smell though.  There was a cloud in the air and it was almost unbearable to be in the room.  The cloud began to leave the room, enter the hall and our entire wing was filled with the smell of Burnt Popcorn.  After the Burnt Popcorn update Chico replied back with the title, “Burnt Popcorn: And Other Things That Go Bump in the Night in Youth Ministry.”

Many time in youth ministry (or any ministry) Burnt Popcorn happen.  What is Burnt Popcorn?  Burnt Popcorn can happen in a variety of ways.  It is that stuff that could easily derail our leadership or those things that we are trying to accomplish.  Burnt Popcorn can be the car rental company that can take the reservation, but is unable to hold the reservation (Thanks Sienfeld).  It can be vans breaking down when you are out of state.  It can be kids sneaking out of their hotel room.  It can be simple or so complex that all you can do is lean into God.  Burnt Popcorn happens.  More important than Burnt Popcorn happening is our response to Burnt Popcorn.  Our response can determine how we grow as leaders and how our students grow as followers of Christ.  What have you learned from Burnt Popcorn?


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  2. Rob Martin on

    Or our burnt popcorn could be being kept up all night by the kids lol. New rule for church trips: no popcorn/microwaves.

  3. Marisa Hernandez on

    Best trip ever lol.
    I agree with Rob on this one lol.
    Nice Blog 😀

  4. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for posting. I will certainly be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good work

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