osxThis was probably one of the best upgrades that I have ever made.  I am a huge fan of Apple and Leopard has only increased my passion.  I love Apple products and software because they are always coming up with new stuff that makes my life more productive.  It seems like they are never satisfied.  So here are some of the reason why I love Leopard:


  1. Quick Look – I never have to download anything that is sent as an attachment.  It doesn’t matter if it is a document, PDF, or music all I have to do is hit Quick Look and I can see what it is.  This also works great in the Finder.  When I am looking for a specific document I can look through without having to open Pages, Numbers, or Keynote.  
  2. Spaces – With this option I am able to have multiple work spaces.  I currently use 4 spaces.  One for my internet, mail, and Twitter.  One for Things and iCal.  Another for iTunes and the last one for any projects I am working on.  
  3. Time Machine – If your like me at some point in time you have lost everything.  Time Machine is great because I just plug in my MacBook in the morning and it regularly backs up during the day.  Another cool feature is that you can go back like 15 days in time and see how a document has changes during that time or if you need to go back to the original you can.  

Check out more on Leopard


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