Sunday Setlist: 7/5

This post will be part of Fred McKinnon’s blog carnival called Sunday Setlists.  Worship leaders from all over are sharing about what’s happening in their services.

Last week we brought an end to our Satan’s SexED series and with yesterday being the 4th of July we decided to do a patriotic service.  We built the entire service around moving people to a place of thankfulness, prayer, and thinking about others as we celebrated this Independence Day.

I am really proud of all of the people who brought this service together, but I am really thankful for the worship team.  Everyone really contributed to pulling this off.  I am blessed with so many great musicians, but more than musicians great followers of Christ.  I actually was having a hard time getting out the door this morning.  Things were a bit hectic, but the team really rallied around me.  It was great.

You Are GoodIsrael Houghton

I Am FreeJon Egan


Bumper Video: I Am The FlagBeamer Film (found at Worship House Media)

America (D) – Chris Tomlin, J.D. Walt, Jack Parker

God Bless America (G) – Irving Berlin

America the Beautiful (C) – Katherine Lee Bates and Samuel Augustus Ward

Video: In Their Own WordsGood Brand Productions (found at Sermon Spice)

Sermon: America, Bless God


2 comments so far

  1. Kendall Massey on

    Nice set.
    I couldn’t bring myself to a full patriotic set, but I think you almost pulled it off.
    I like how you led them into worship and then led them into prayer for our nation.
    Nice job!
    Have a blessed week!

    • joshlange on

      Thanks. We really had a great time this weekend even though it was a little different from most weeks

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