Inspiration is the impetus that causes a burst of creativity. – Amy C. Cosper Editor-in-Chief Entrepreneur

Today what will inspire you to bursts of creativity?


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  1. kinyiri salim on

    In Africa, Graft is a real serious problem. The bottom -up approach to combating it has failed in my country but there is no hope a top – bottom approach would work! I am inclined to the belief that the fight against corruption especially in my country “begins with me”approach has the magic to work. Am specifically inspired by the few leading personalities in the different sectors that have led a graft free career in their outstanding times of service. I have initiated a public appreciation fora i have called “the Annual National Leadership Awards” in Uganda.

  2. joshlange on

    Thanks for the comment. Change does begin with us. Not sure what you mean by Graft?

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