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Weekend Setlist: 10/17

Leading worship only once this weekend and I have to tell you it feels kind of weird.  Tonight was the first night of our new stage set up.  Things seemed to go very well.  I know that we will have to keep working through things, but I am very pleased with the direction that we are moving.  I am so appreciative of everyone who helped make it possible.  Over the last day we took everything off the stage, rewired the stage, moved every back, tested the lines, started tuning in the system, simple EQ, soundchecked, and led worship.  Busy, but worth it.

Anyways, we are in the middle of our Prodigal God series and this week we were talking about redefining lostness.  Our focus was mainly on the older brother.  Now you might be thinking this story is just about the younger because he was lost?  But what about the older brother?  He was in the father’s house, but he did not want a relationship with the father, he wanted the father’s stuff.  He was all about controlling God.  He was also lost.  Here is the setlist we followed this weekend:

Your Grace is Enough (G) – Chris Tomlin arr.

You Deserve (G) – Matt Crocker and James Dunlop (Hillsong United)

God of Agers (G) – Ben Fielding (Hillsong)

Amazing Grace (E) – Chris Tomlin arr.