Blogging Again

I’m sure if you’re a regular blog reader you’ve seen this tons of times.  A would be blogger gets into the game and takes off like a rocket.  Then as quickly as they started they disappear into the vast waste land of the internet.  So here I am trying to find my way.  But why?

Well, blogging helps me…

  1. It slows me down.  When I slow down its easier to take things in.  Actually, before taking them in I notice them.
  2. It is a another way to learn.  Before I post I want to make sure that what I am communicating makes sense.  Wow, funny this is something else that forces me to slow down.  In sharing my thoughts I may need to do some research.  In sharing my thoughts I open myself dialog.  There will be things that I can teach you and things that I will learn from you.
  3. It is teaching me to communicate better.  Everything in life comes down to communication.  This is an area where I need improvement.  Even while I am writing this I am thinking about what I am communicating and how I am communicating it.  And as I am writing this point I’ve realized that this is another slow me down point.  Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

2 comments so far

  1. vvdenman on

    Nice blog. The slowing down is what gets to me. Changes me. Makes me think.

    • joshlange on

      Slowing down…I agree

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