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Shut up and listen


I am coming up on my two year wedding anniversary at the end of this month.  One of the current lessons I am learning is how to interpret whether my wife wants me to fix the problem or just Shut up and listen.  

By nature I am a person who wants to quickly hear the problem, fix the problem, and be done with problem.  Most of the time this is not what she is looking for.  She does not want me to fix the problem.  Rachel wants my attention and wants me to just listen.  With my personality this can be difficult, but for me learning to listen is going to be a key to great marriage.  

In my own life someone just listening has helped me grow.  Hearing the words come out of my mouth while talking things over helps me realize how foolish I’ve been or it helps me discover the answer I am looking for.  So the next time your wife (or anyone for that fact) comes to you with a problem ask yourself whether this something that she wants fixed or should you just Shut up and listen.

BTW: 1. My mother-in-law gave me the inspiration for this one and at one point she told me that Rachel has a minimum amount of words that she needs to get in each day.  This is another thing you should keep in mind.