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The dictionary defines the word intentional as being done on purpose or deliberate.  With the craziness of life and leadership in the church it can be hard to be intentional.  I’m not saying that things are not getting done, but if you’re a leader in the church it can be easy to fall into just getting things done.  We gear up for the weekend then we do the weekend then we start again.  In the midst of this we can lose the intentionality with people, our process, and our church.  I am learning this with the process of recognizing, developing, and releasing leaders.  So instead of just allowing the craziness to dictate how people are developed I decided to be intentional.  So instead of just allowing people to grow on their own as they serve I have to create those opportunities.

In our world of multiple services and multiple campuses how do I do this?  One idea I had was to start bringing our worship leaders to the campus that I primarily lead worship at.  I bring them in on the Saturday evening service so there are not schedule conflicts on Sunday.  I am still on the stage, but allowing them to lead.  It gives me the opportunity to coach, observe, and correct if necessary.  I just created the opportunity.  I was intentional.  What can you do this week to be intentional?